Maemo Leste

Welcome to the Maemo Leste website; a project that aims to continue the legacy of Maemo. We aim to provide a free Maemo experience on mobile phones and tablets like the Nokia N900, Morotola Droid 4, Allwinner Tablets and more.

Maemo Leste is currently based on Devuan Jessie, but we aim to update to Devuan Ascii (and newer Devuan/Debian).

Maemo Leste is currently in development phase, so there are no easy-to-install images available yet, nor is the project usable as a daily driver for your device. However, we will shortly provide images that for at least one device (likely the N900) that should help other developers get started.

So far we have set up devuan/debian repositories for our packages, with builds for armel, armhf and amd64. We have FOSS replacements for some closed maemo packages, further building on the Maemo community efforts to replace all closed bits by open software.

Installation guides and open tasks/issues will appear here soon - but please do also check out the github issues: