Maemo Leste - Repositories and community packages

Ivan Jelincic, Tue 25 February 2020, News

apt, community, extras, repositories

In-between our technical updates, we have another short update on our repository organization.

After the proposition and discussion we've had on our IRC channel and our bugtracker, we've reorganized our repositories into a nicer and cleaner structure.

In short, we now have a single pool containing all the packages and their different versions, for all the different dists that we support. This is mainly a nice way to keep a simpler repository structure, but also helpful when building devel packages, so their versions can be automatically incremented in a correct manner. Last, but not least, it allows us to easily support more than one dist, so we will eventually be able to support both Devuan and Debian at the same time.

Due to this, the repository entries in /etc/apt/sources.list require a small change - instead of the deb entries we've had:

deb leste main
deb leste-extras main

We now have

deb ascii main
deb ascii main

With this, there is less ambiguity and it is easier for both users and developers to figure out which Devuan version Leste is currently based on, and will also allow easier upgrading when Maemo Leste rebases to a newer Devuan version.

So, to switch your existing Maemo Leste installations, just use the latter two links in /etc/apt/sources.list. Simple!

As for the images containing these changes, we are working on finalizing them and they'll be ready for our next blog update.

Community packages

We're close to finalizing our community infrastructure, and we'd love to invite you to maintain community packages for Maemo Leste. Like Fremantle, we call them Extras, and they reside in a separate organization.

If you would like to maintain a community package, have a look at the bugtracker in Maemo Leste Extras and follow the README. We invite everyone to try out the procedure and provide feedback!

See you there :)