Maemo Leste - Second update (April 2018)

Merlijn Wajer, Wed 25 April 2018, News

connectivity, droid4, icd, kernel, n9, n900, n950, networking, raspberry pi

It's been over a month since our first update and there's quite some stuff to talk about!

On the software side

What is next?

Connectivity is not wrapped up, so that still remains a big goal. Once that is done, the reverse engineering efforts will likely focus on a virtual keyboard, which is another big missing piece.

There's a good chance we'll soon patch together a newer Droid 4 kernel to test all the recent development, including phone calls. Phone calls are a big deal, and it would be great if we can soon start playing with that on the Droid 4, and later on also the N900.


If you're interested in specifics, or helping out, or wish to have a specific package ported, please see our bugtracker.

Join us! We really need more people helping out. At this point, we specifically need developers who can work on porting packages, help out with reverse engineering, and debug driver issues.

We're currently on in #maemo-leste, but also hang out in #maemo. We also monitor the github issues closely.