Droid 4 Status


Pre-alpha images are available here:


We still need to write instructions on how to install safestrap and then install the ddroid.zip file.


dd the image file to a microsd card and install the ddroid.zip in safestrap. When you boot the phone, it should boot to hildon-desktop in a minute or two.

NOTE: The UI will be slow, since the 3D is done entirely on the CPU for now.


This is a status overview of the device specific drivers, for the general software status, see TODO.

For a more detailed overview, see: http://elektranox.org/droid4/

Feature Status
Kernel 4.15 [1]
Serial OK
Charging OK
USB OK (slave, host)
Keyboard OK
Screen OK
X OK [2]
3D NO [3]
Touchscreen OK
Wifi OK (lacks UI)
3G/4G NO
Phone calls NO



[1]You need 4.14 or 4.15 with at least 10-15 patches. We will document this further and also create a repo with the patches applied. For now, see http://elektranox.org/droid4/
[2]HDMI also works, but hildon-desktop does not deal with it too well
[3]Also PowerVR, but llvmpipe works, so we'll stick to that for a bit.