Maemo Leste - Tenth Update (December) 2019

Merlijn Wajer, Tue 31 December 2019, News

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It's been a few months since our ninth update, and a lot has happened on a technical front. That will all be covered in an early January update. This update will mostly be about the non-technical part of Maemo Leste.

First of all - happy new year to everyone reading this. I believe 2020 will be a very interesting and hopefully prosperous year for the project.


In early November, we gave a talk at OpenFest 2019. Several of the core Maemo Leste developers also met up at the event, and we also had interesting talks with the folks from Techno Ethical - they left with a Droid 4 to run Maemo Leste on.

The official recording of the OpenFest 2019 is not yet uploaded to youtube, but you can find a video which bundyo made, here:

NLNet - funding!

You read that right, we applied for funding and we received it. You can read the writeup here on the NLNet website. We will share details in the coming weeks.


Maemo Leste will be present at FOSDEM in 2020 - with a talk. This time it will not be a lightning talk, but will be a talk on Sunday, for the Freedom track, in the Janson room, together with someone from postmarketOS!

Once we finalise our talk abstract and description, the talk will show up on the FOSDEM website. subforum

We now have a subforum.

Some videos with a few technical updates

Although the start of the update said there wouldn't be a lot of technical updates, here's a short summary of what to expect in the technical update next week:


If you're interested in specifics, or helping out, or wish to have a specific package ported, please see our bugtracker.

Please also join our mailing list to stay up to date, ask questions and/or help out. Another great way to get in touch is to join the IRC channel.

If you like our work and want to see it continue, join us!